This is a project about expressing the emotions from two perspectives, a collaboration between NOUR and Meet Your Mood.
All the images below were shot from the same camera, at the same location- Milano Brera, presenting the same object - Nour’s Oxford shoe.
In addition, they were shot simultaneously. It was a dialogue between colors, composition, and mood
Like using someone else’s kitchen, being not familiar to the space. You feel a bit strange but according to the experiences: frying pans, cutting boards, spices, cutlery, tableware.. should be placed in an order just like any other kitchens. So you slowly getting more comfortable.

Now, you are looking at a series of images that created by Leanne and Tessy. Tessy is from Italy, the founder of Meet Your Mood, a design and lifestyle blog. Leanne is from Taiwan who used to live and study in Milan. They met in London and had shared some journeys together. In the end of 2017, they decided to go back to Milan and created a project that had been told about for ages. They used the same kitchen which was not belonged to any of them, cooked a set menu from starter to main dish to dessert and the final espresso - in a very Italian’s way. 

Hope you enjoy the dinner as we do.
Buon Appetito! 

To meet Tessy at Meet Your Mood
NOUR x Meet Your Mood


完成的系列影像是由Leanne和Tessy拍攝,並由Leanne編輯而成。Tessy是義大利人,曾在米蘭唸書工作數年,現經營室內設計與生活風格部落格Meet Your Mood,讀者群遍佈歐洲。Leanne是Nour的Content Designer,曾在米蘭念書生活,兩人在倫敦相識,並一起走過一些旅程。於2017年底,兩人決定將一直以來有的想法以NOUR的Classic Oxford shoe為媒介,創作一系列的影像作品;他們的今日晚餐菜單從前菜開始,到主餐和甜點,最後由一杯濃郁的espresso收尾-非常義大利風格。


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