Living in a massive city, tranquility is hard to find. The city soundtrack plays from day to night: buildings shutting under construction, car horns honk, and people loudly talk and laugh. Sunlight barely comes through the concrete jungle and rarely kisses on the skin. Neon lights at night appear and disappear with kaleidoscopic speed. And deep, deep down, the jungle rumbles. And just sometimes, so do we. 
So I step into the space. Another morning is stepping into the space; the retreats of the universe in silence. Listen to David Bowie singing “And I’m floating in a most peculiar way. And the stars look very different today.” Plugged in is no longer necessary, the signal doesn’t control us anymore. We can hear each other over the air.
In NOUR's universe, we think it's nice to have things that are quietly beautiful and just function really well. Therefore, designing the Universe Bag is our way to deliver an ideal life to you. It can be used in three ways, as a handbag, a backpack as well as a shoulder bag. Good to carry A4-paper, 13-inch stuff and maybe a couple of bottles of wine, plus, our universe.
And we wish this is an arrangement of right angles, to distil immensity.
The Universe Bag

「當這世界變得越令人害怕... 藝術越抽象。」—Wassily Kandinsky


因而我踏進了太空,連同另一個早晨也被我帶進宇宙。聆聽David Bowie彈唱著:「我以最詭譎的方式漂浮著。今夜的星空看起來異於平常。」不再需要與插頭對接、訊號也無法控制我們,在空氣中我們聽見彼此。



The Universe Bag