About Nour


It is the labour of love of two friends who first met during their fashion studies in Milan, and who had previously been in the industry for some years. NOUR’s venture began in 2016. 

NOUR, is named after the Arabic term for ‘light’, and defines itself as a brand that conveys the idea of purity, simplicity and geometry. 

The two owners’ time spent in Italy has perfected the brand’s craftsmanship and permanently influenced NOUR’s aesthetics. Behind each shoe and accessory stands a cherished memory, a feeling or a thought: ‘My sartorial philosophy is to integrate the rationality of the design with the personal story behind it in order to make the product shine. To unify these two different concepts and translate the result into a buyable item is the thing I want to achieve’.

Committed to providing exceptional quality, hand-made, genuine leather shoes and accessories, the brand’s attention to detail is paramount.

The team produces each item from start to finish using traditional Italian methods of production. NOUR’s shoe lasts were selected from a 100-year-old factory in Florence because of their clean lines and toe recession edge that makes them stand out.

Every single leather piece is hand picked by NOUR’s designer from Italian workshops and arduously shaped into each item in the store. Not only does the final product look flawless, but it also sets a new standard on comfort and durability.

Ultimately, NOUR would like to redefine consumers’ lifestyle, to make them rethink what a product should be, and enlighten their day with style and comfort.




3F, No. 29, Lane 123, Songlong Road, Xinyi Dist., Taipei 11069, Taiwan



Selected Press

– Heaven Has Heels (US), 2016

– ChewPeople Magazine (Taiwan), 2017 May

– Not Just A Label (UK), 2017

– FACY (Taiwan), 2018

– Hunger Magazine (UK), 2018

– ChewPeople Magazine (Taiwan), 2019